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As a US Marine Corps Veteran, Randy brings a wealth of discipline and leadership to everything he does. With 12 years of coaching experience under his belt, he has honed his skills as an ISSA Certified fitness coach. Beyond the gym, he is a formidable competitor in powerlifting and strongman events, showcasing his dedication to strength and endurance.

His expertise extends beyond fitness, as he is also a proficient Weapons & Tactical Training Instructor, sharing his knowledge and skills with others. Whether he's guiding clients toward their fitness goals or instructing tactical maneuvers, Randy is a true embodiment of commitment and expertise in all his endeavors.

Brendan Pike Houston, TX

A hero both on and off the field, Brendan is a Former First Responder whose dedication to service transcends into the world of fitness. With a decade of coaching experience, he has mastered the art of guiding individuals towards their health and wellness goals.

His prowess in powerlifting is unmatched, holding an impressive 30+ USPA State Records and 7 USPA National Records. Brendan doesn't just break records; he sets the standard for excellence in the sport.

Transitioning seamlessly into the world of bodybuilding, Brendan is a seasoned NPC/IFBB Prep Coach, sculpting champions with his expertise and dedication. His passion for fitness is not just about personal achievement but also about empowering others to realize their full potential.

From saving lives as a First Responder to transforming lives as a coach, Brendan embodies the true spirit of resilience, discipline, and excellence.

Mike Richardson San Diego, CA

A soldier's spirit and a coach's heart define Mike, an Army Veteran with a passion for excellence both on and off the battlefield. With 12 years of coaching experience, he has fine-tuned his skills as an ISSA Certified fitness coach, guiding individuals towards their fitness goals with precision and dedication.

But Mike's expertise doesn't end there. As a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Competitor, he grapples with challenges both in the gym and on the mat, showcasing his prowess in the art of submission. He brings this same tenacity to his role as a Special Operations Coach, drawing from his military background to train elite athletes and warriors.

In his role as a Tactical Defense Instructor, Mike imparts valuable skills honed through years of service and training. He ensures that individuals are equipped not just physically, but mentally, to handle any situation that may arise.

Mike's journey from the front lines to the gym floor exemplifies his unwavering commitment to service, excellence, and the relentless pursuit of improvement in all aspects of life.