Iron Outlaws is excited to announce exclusive dealer and wholesale discounts available for select partners. Please review the requirements outlined below.

U.S. Presence:

  • The company must have a physical or legal presence within the United States.
Active Federal EIN (Employer Identification Number):
  • A valid and active Federal EIN is a prerequisite for participation.

Brick & Mortar Store or Online Presence:

  • The company should operate either through a physical brick-and-mortar establishment or have an active online presence.

These criteria ensure that participants have a tangible connection to the U.S. market and are equipped to engage in business transactions with Iron Outlaws. If your company meets these requirements, we invite you to explore the benefits of our exclusive dealer and wholesale discount programs. For further inquiries or to initiate the application process, please contact our partnerships team at We look forward to the possibility of working together with your business.